- Are you interested in elves?

... Then the Elfschool might be for you ...

- Do you want to know why 54% of Icelanders believe that elves exits?

- And do you want to know where these elves live, and what they look like?

- And do you want to know everything that is known about their culture, tradition and habbits?

- And do you want to know why so many elves and Hidden people are in Iceland? - Much more than in any other western country?

- And do you want to understand what these "other dimensions" are (which the elves and the Hidden people claim that they live in), and what we know about that, as well as what the psychic ability is (or the sixth sense), that seem to be the main way to see or sense these friendly beings?

- And do you want to hear true stories and explanation of real and deep friendship between present living Icelanders and elves, that sometimes has lasted for lifetime, - for a very little and fair school-fee (just 54€, or 57$)?

... Then the Elfschool might really be something for you ...

- And do you want to meet one of the best expert in the world in elfs and Hidden people, and Nature spirits in general, - and hear his lectures, - and have a chat with him after, - and ask him also all the questions you might have in mind about all this, - for about 3 to 4 hours, (and eat pancakes with cream and jam, - or the best bread in the country, - in the meanwhile)?

... Then you should definitely go to the Elfschool when you come to Iceland ...